Welcome to the new reality: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous

Developing an innovation-centered corporate culture starts with identifying and supporting the Innovation Leaders within your organization.

Innovation Leaders are the people who can:
- break with the past,
- develop radically new products, services or processes, and
- integrate an innovation within the larger organization or society.

Until now Innovation Leaders could not be identified accurately, as you can no longer develop tomorrow’s leaders with yesterday’s assessments. These were developed to predict performance under the stable conditions of the past and do not allow for paradoxical traits often found in game changing individuals. This leaves a large innovative potential in each person and within each organization untapped.

With the Innovation Leadership Assessment you can objectively identify, facilitate and develop the people who can successfully drive innovation in today's interconnected and complex world.

The Innovation Leadership Assessment maps three essential dimensions:

Top 10 skills WEF 2020.png

Future leadership requires Creative, Complex and Agile individuals


Combining creative talents to generate innovative ideas.

Truly innovative ideas are rare. They only emerge where unexpected connections are being made between previously unconnected fields. This is what Innovation Leaders excel at. 


Innovation Leaders are gifted at least two distinct talents or intelligences. The intersections point to where their creativity will flow and where their contribution will be at its most valuable. There are eight talents in total which make up an individual's creative potential. 


Being adapted to a fast-paced, complex and constantly changing reality.

At the core of the Innovation Leader's personality is a complex character. They are built to handle change and deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. Agility and a love for speed comes standard with Innovation Leaders. 


It takes complex people to tackle complex issues such as the radical renewal of a business model. Especially in a world where interconnection has become the norm, complexity and agility are prerequisites. Five distinct factors make up the adaptability of an Innovation Leader.


Converting big-picture ideals into an innovative reality.

A great idea by itself never changes anything and you can't innovate standing on the side. Innovation Leaders have the capability to convert their inspiration into pioneering actions. They are both creative thinkers and able doers.


Taking pioneering action means entering unknown territory. Something completely different than being good at the old game. Taking the right kind of pioneering action requires two other abilities: global orientation and individual direction.