and the Innovation Leaderschip Assessment emerged from over twenty years of consulting and coaching exceptional people in a rapidly changing world. I witnessed that:

  • some of them succeeded in realizing groundbreaking initiatives, but often at the expense of their vitality, while

  • others left the organization because of the protective reflex of a system afraid of change, and then

  • some of them got so discouraged and frustrated, that they dimmed their own lights. 

Now that so many systems in society are in transition, this waste of talent, capital and innovative ability has to stop. By identifying, supporting and developing Innovation Leaders, it is possible to really transform organizations from the inside-out.

The assessment is based my experience as a management consultant/executive coach and on literature on creativity, complexity, giftedness, entrepreneurship, innovation and evolutionary psychology.

I provide the services personally to my individual and corporate clients. This ensures the necessary in-depth, up-close and personal interpretation and application of the profile. Which is as much an art as it is a science.


Dirk Anton van Mulligen


Organizations/HR: If you're looking for support in recruiting and retaining the Innovation Leaders in your organization or if you want to develop and support the Innovation Leadership of a team, you are invited to contact me via email.

Public speaking on Innovation Leaders: If you're interested in an enlightening and inspirational talk about Innovation Leaders and their unique profiles, please contact me via email.



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Mymza Wever