generating solutions, insights and ideas by connecting perceptions
to a wide variety of knowledge and experiences


(c) DIrk Anton van Mulligen, 2017. Artwork by Diederick Kraaijeveld.

Complex deduction happens above the intersection of linear and lateral, associative thought. This is crucial to come up with solutions, insights and ideas that honor the layeredness and interconnectedness of complex issues. 

Game Changer brains are intense and diffuse. The orchestration of cerebral activity is complex and requires the coordination of diverse visual, spatial, verbal, and sensory areas of brain. That’s why they’re no one-mode thinkers, but great organizers of diverse and multimodal information.


Game Change Relevance

Complex deduction is a prerequisite to pick up the hidden relatedness between seemingly unconnected events and the potential that is present. Or simply put: to make sense of what's happening. Only after making sense from your perceptions in a complex way, can you start creating viable game changing alternatives.

It’s crucial that the deduction takes place within one person, the Game Changer. The speed, layeredness and variety of cerebral connections can never be matched by a group of people sharing the same, or even more, knowledge and experiences. Their unique neural network cannot be replicated by a team or crowd, no matter how agile they are. 


  • Over-association, and getting lost in your own thoughts
  • Over-complication, and overlooking the simple solution
  • Procrastination, by not finishing the processing phase

Improve it

  • Watch tv-series about expert problem solvers such as House MD, Sherlock or Elementary
  • Consciously practice one of your less preferred talents/ intelligences
  • Become a multi-specialist or a super-generalist