conscious of where you stand in relation to global developments


(c) dirk anton van mulligen, 2017.

After ages of only being aware of what was needed for individual and tribal survival, humanity is developing a meta-quality: global orientation. This ability to look beyond our own interests and see what the whole needs to evolve, emerges now, because it is crucial for the survival of our species.

This means moving away from isolation and only taking care of one’s own, towards a more inclusive and interconnected outlook on life. In harmony with each other, nature and planet Earth.


Game Change Relevance

We live in a time when nearly all social systems are failing and the whole of creation is on the line. The message is clear: in order to survive and thrive together on this planet, mankind has to make an evolutionary jump. Incremental steps won’t do.

Global orientation is essential for recognizing the biggest of pictures. Only then can you see what’s needed to bring the system to a higher order and how your part fits in the larger, evolutionary context. That’s why Global orientation precedes initiating the Game Change needed.


  • Unrealistic expectations of people; the difference in awareness between the vanguard and the masses has never been bigger.
  • Stifling idealism when you're working in a commercial environment
  • Unrealistic expectations of the speed of change; especially before the tipping point change proceeds slow as molasses
  • Trying to convert ‘non-believers’

Improve it

  • Get involved with children and education
  • Broaden your ecological and intercultural view
  • Trust the fact that separate small snowflakes at the right places will create the avalanche so desperately needed