simultaneous observation of seperate parts and the whole,
picking up layers and patterns in the process


(c) Dirk anton van mulligen, 2016.

Quantum Mechanics has shown us the immense power of observation. The act of observation alone is capable of bringing a fundamental change to a situation all by itself. However, in real life not just any observation will do. Life is much more complex than just the behavior of a single particle or person.

Truly perceiving complexity itself is about becoming aware of patterns, layers, the whole and constituent parts all at the same time.





Game Change Relevance

In order to change a game, you first have to see through the game being played. You have to recognize the formal and informal rules at play and the limits of those rules.

Only then can you pick up the hidden relatedness between seemingly unconnected events. Only then can you start creating alternatives.

A complex mode of perception thus is an essential for changing any game. 


  • Assuming other people notice the same patterns as you do. They aren’t able to recognize what you do but can still be completely convinced of their limited view. Much to your frustration.
  • Boredom or even intolerance with what is exciting to other people.

Improve it

  • Consciously expose yourself to complex input. E.g. listen to the music from Strawinsky or Hernan Cattaneo, look at the architecture of Zaha Hadid, take up Indian cooking, etc.
  • Complexity needs space. So do you.
  • Train yourself follow a specific layer and see how it fits in the whole.
  • Stay away from the banal and simplistic. It drags you down and your valuable complexity deserves protecting.