responding to triggers with passion and life-giving energy


(c) dirk anton van mulligen, 2017.

The smell of a rose is just pleasant to most people. But to Game Changers that are 'rose-sensitive', it is way more than that. They are completely immersed in the perfume. That one intoxicating smell leads to a total involvement, forgetting everything and everyone else. They are ready to embark on a new adventure.

As our modern world is full of triggers and stimuli, it doesn’t take much for reactive people to be fired up and ready. Their roses are abundantly available. 


Game Change Relevance

Game Changers aren’t distant spectators of life, they are deeply immersed in life with heart, emotions, body, mind and soul. Their extreme responsiveness ensures just that.

Their enthusiasm breathes life into what otherwise would be lifeless initiatives. In order to want to change any game, you just have to be a bit irrational.

High powered reactiveness is what gets Game Changers out of their chairs and become involved in whatever triggered them. It is the great activator that initiates truly new creations. 


  • Getting side-tracked from your goals
  • Becoming over-involved and finding it hard to keep a healthy distance
  • Getting stuck in a ‘rush > crash > rush > crash > rush’ pattern 

Improve it

  • As it is hard to step out of total involvement all by yourself, have ask a trusted someone to keep you in check. Regularly.
  • Allow yourself some ‘extracurricular’ fun, as long as you stay aware that it’s just that and not of core importance.