being able to pick up subtle but very important signals


(c) Dirk Anton van Mulligen, 2017.

Decades ago miners would take canaries with them into the mine. Because they were much more sensitive to leaking gas than the average miner, they were used as a warning indicator. When a canary would become unconscious, the miners would get out of the mine as quickly as possible. 

Human receptivity works in much the same way. Highly sensitive people pick-up on dangers well before others do, but can also detect positive potentials. They have access to a subtle realm, with signals well below what is normally seen as relevant.           


Game Change Relevance

Game Changers have to have a feel for what’s emerging, of what’s possible in a situation. Their receptivity helps them to do just that.

They notice what’s missing or debilitating in a situation and what needs to change way before others do. They also notice where potentials and openings lie, where others can’t see them.

Game Changing thus involves the body as well as the mind. Their bodies are sensitive antenna’s picking up low-level signals in an over-stimulated world.


  • Being overwhelmed by too many and too crude stimuli
  • Over-reaction to stimuli leading to excess fatigue
  • Over-sensitivity which makes it hard to operate in society

Improve it

  • Stay away from negative people, information and environments
  • Learn to recognize your critical saturation level, so you can withdraw yourself in time
  • Take power-naps during the day, you’ll benefit enormously