Have you hired promising candidates only to find that they didn't bring the innovations you were looking for? 

Hiring high-potentials is something most company's know how to do well. The requirements and metrics are known. Personality assessments complete the picture emerging from personal interviews.

Finding Innovation Leaders however, is something completely different. They rarely tick all the usual boxes. Or their track records are not what you would normally be looking for. Standardized assessments fail to identify the factors that make-up an Innovation Leader.  

The Innovation Leadership Assessment adds this missing dimension to your selection process. It helps you:

  1. hire the right people,

  2. get mutual expectations aligned, and

  3. reduce the risk and costs of hiring the wrong people.

Almost bizarre how accurately the profile describes how I feel on the inside. It explains much about myself that puzzled me in the past. I understand myself so much better now!
— a VP Sales EMEA semiconductor industry


Do capable high-performers leave your organization after only a short period of working for you? 

What starts with the best intentions often ends before it has delivered the goods. This is because:

  1. organizations expect Innovation Leaders to behave just like classical high-potentials, and

  2. Innovation Leaders do not necessarily understand their own user manual very well.

'Standard' simply doesn't work when it comes to game changing individuals. This means that DISC, MBTI, Insights and other personality profiles have limited value. And also that the Development, Leadership and Coaching Programs often do not match well.

Innovation Leaders need expert coaching based on their specific profile. It has to be clear what the Innovation Leader needs to bring out her best and to develop her innovative abilities further.  

Just filling in the questionnaire had a great impact. It coaxed me to think about sides of my personality that trigger other people, but which really are at the core of who I am.
— a Sales Director supply chain industry

Team Scan

Do you want to create a team with the right people to transform your organization from the inside-out?

Business transformation has a greater chance to stick when it originates from within the organization itself. Just hiring tech-savvy millenials or consultants to do that job for you, often comes at great costs only to disappoint with the end result.  

Finding the right people within your organization to join a transformation team, isn't easy. Forming an effective, diverse and balanced team that can tackle this challenge, requires more than just getting your high-potentials together with a C-level corporate executive as a sponsor. With the profile you can form truly effective Innovation teams. 

Such teams are ideally suited to perform successful Sprints to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days. And to combine successive Sprints into a Relay, all the way up to the finish line of organizational transformation.  

I initially had doubts if I could find the people who could transform the organisation with me. After spending two days together in a team session, Iā€™m fully convinced they are just that.
— CEO of a social enterprise